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Opinion Editorials

Dispelling myths about the battle for democracy in Bolivia

False narratives about Bolivia and it's fight for democracy are weaving their way into the public’s conscience. But it’s important to set the record straight and ensure that these false narratives are debunked.

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Venezuela’s mass migration poses a danger to the Western Hemisphere

An op-ed in the Hill describing the migration from Venezuela and why this is a security threat to the entire hemisphere.

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Argentina Designates Hezbollah a Terror Group

Edited and translated transcript of a speech given by Argentine Congressman Luis Petri during our event on July 25, 2019 at the Russell Senate Office Building commemorating the anniversary of the AMIA attack in 1994.

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To get rid of Maduro in Venezuela, US must challenge his enablers

An op-ed in the Hill describing the external actors supporting the Maduro regime and why just targeting Maduro isn't a viable solution in Venezuela.

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Argentina: Latin America’s New Leader in Counterterrorism

An op-ep in the Gatestone Institute where Joseph Humire discusses Argentine President Mauricio Macri’s historic step to officially designate Hezbollah as a foreign terrorist organization in Argentina, the first designation of its kind in Latin America.

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Venezuela: more than a brutal regime it’s an evil revolution that must be stopped

Venezuela: more than a brutal regime it’s an evil revolution that must be stopped

An op-ed by SFS Research Fellow José Gustavo Arocha where he explains the history of the Venezuela crisis and why the revolution, and not just the Maduro regime, needs to be stopped.

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Hezbollah Crime-Terror Network Poses Big Concerns, Should Be Focus At Summit Of The Americas

As world leaders from throughout the Western Hemisphere gather they should agree to target Hezbollah and dismantle their crime-terror empire in this part of the world.

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