At present, most, if not all, major U.S. national security discussions are done at the federal level in Washington D.C. Moreover, think tanks, consultants, and the intelligence community provide high-level briefings on the state of world affairs to key policymakers on Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol Hill.

Local and state policymakers/officials are often left out of these important national security discussions.

The decisions made in D.C. affect the lives of all Americans particularly those that live outside the Beltway. Yet, the culture of high-level national security conversations has not hit state or local-level authorities (legislators, law enforcement, commissioners, etc). Many at the state and local level are not privy to the contextual geopolitical understanding and global insight that federal officials and national policymakers have.

National security think tanks by-in-large neglect state and local audiences and are focused on briefing and working with federal agencies, the White House, Pentagon, and the U.S. Congress. This is important work but it leaves a gap that SFS intends to fill. 

The SFS State-based National Security program aims to change the culture of national security discussions in the United States by taking our expertise on transnational and trans-regional threats and contextualizing them for local and state policymakers and the press. We hope to equal the playing field by providing local audiences with a geopolitical and global understanding of major trends and patterns in hotspots around the world, starting with Latin America and the Caribbean. 

SFS proven track record of providing superior innovative research and strategic analysis of emerging threats in the Western Hemisphere is now coming to your city and state. To learn more, please contact us