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Evo Morales and conspirators scheme to return to power by beggaring Bolivia

Joseph Humire joins Malcolm Hoenlein and John Batchelor to discuss how the current crisis in Bolivia is not a coup, noting the situation is one of the most important strategic developments in South America in recent

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Venezuela and Iran Sign Agreement That Could Threaten Regional Security

Iran now has closer ties to the regime of Nicolás Maduro. They have signed new “scientific and technological” agreements. We don’t know many details about this, but it could become a threat to the security o

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Latin America is on fire. Did Nicolás Maduro start the fuse?

Joseph Humire, director del Centro para una Sociedad Libre y Segura, explicó en un artículo en El Nuevo Herald por Antonio Maria Delgado que América Latina está siendo atacadas por fuerzas desestabilizadoras que est

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Why would a war in Venezuela benefit Russia and Iran?

On March 26, 2019, the regional news network NTN24 interviewed SFS Executive Director Joseph M. Humire in their studio in Bogota, Colombia. The half-hour interview, conducted by popular TV host Idania Chirinos on her

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United States Will Permit the Use of 3D Printed Guns

Joseph Humire joins the news station program "La Mañana de NTN24" to discuss gun control, 3D printed guns, and the implications of legalizing 3D printed guns in the United States. (Interview conducted in Spanish) &nbs

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The Rise of Chinese Imperialism in Latin America

China’s communist regime is lending and investing heavily throughout Latin America, and not for charity. Slowly but surely, the strategy is eating away at U.S. foreign-policy dominance in the region. As made c

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The Iran Nuclear Deal

Joseph Humire joins RPP Noticias to discuss the Iran nuclear deal. Responding to Trump's decision to withdraw Humire states that Trump did not say Iran violated the deal, but rather, violated the spirit of the deal becau

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Trump’s Nuclear Deal Decision

Joseph Humire joins VOA to discuss Trump's latest decision to withdraw from the Iran deal. Humire is calling it a smart move due to the fact the deal never had full Congressional support and it was created with several e

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