The Iran Nuclear Deal

Joseph M. Humire

Executive Director

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The Iran Nuclear Deal

Joseph Humire joins RPP Noticias to discuss the Iran nuclear deal. Responding to Trump’s decision to withdraw Humire states that Trump did not say Iran violated the deal, but rather, violated the spirit of the deal because there has been no concrete evidence of a violation.

Why does this matter?

The deal cannot guarantee that Iran will not try and advance a nucelar program. To find out how, read more or watch the complete interview (in Spanish), here.

Joseph Humire habla con RPP Noticias sobre el acuerdo nuclear con Irán. Humire dijo, “Trump no ha dicho que Irán ha violado la letra del acuerdo, ha dicho que ha violado el espíritu del acuerdo, porque no hay ninguna evidencia de una violación. El acuerdo no garantiza que Irán pueda engañar para avanzar un programa nuclear.”

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