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Tension between Iran and the United States

Joseph Humire joins Teleamazonas Ecuador to talk about the conflict between the United States and Iran. Listen below (content in Spanish). (more…)

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A new political crisis in Venezuela amidst tensions between the U.S. and Iran

Joseph Humire joins Gabriela Frías on CNN en Español to discuss Venezuela's latest political crisis and what this means amidst the increasing tension between the U.S. and Iran, noting that both Iran and Venezuela see

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Joseph Humire on Iran’s threat network in Latin America in wake of Soleimani death

Joseph Humire joins Fernando del Rincón on CNN Español to discuss Iran’s threat network in Latin America in wake of Soleimani death. Watch below (content in Spanish). Joseph Humire habla con Fernando del

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What’s behind the attack ordered by Trump that caused Suleimani’s death?

President Trump gave the direct order to carry out the airstrike that led to the death of Iranian General Suleimani. Trump justified the action as an act of defense. (more…)

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Iran doesn’t want a war with the United States

Joseph Humire joins Colombia's W Radio to discuss the implications of Gen. Suleimani's death and why Iran will respond, but not with a conventional attack.  Listen to the interview at W Radio (content in Spanis

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Is WWIII probable after Suleimani’s death?

Joseph Humire explains to La República that the strike against Suleimani was a necessary action to reestablish our deterrent with Iran and a message to rogue regimes worldwide, including Maduro in Venezuela that the U.

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U.S. Allies in Latin America should be alert for possible terrorist attacks in the wake of Suleimani’s death

Joseph Humire explains in an article by Maibort Petit in El Tiempo Latino that among the many terrorist organizations Suleimani led, was the Quds Force, a unit in Iran's IRGC and designated as a foreign terrorist organi

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What implications are there for the U.S. after Suleimani’s death?

Joseph Humire is mentioned in a PanAm Post article by Mamela Fialo Flor explaining how the U.S. strike against Gen. Suleimani has implications in the Americas. Read the full article at PanAm Post (content in Spanish

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