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Situation Reports

ABIN – National Brazilian Intelligence Agency – Releases Terrorist Threat Assessment Labeling the Threat of a Potential Terrorist Attack as “highly likely.” ABIN Terrorist Threat Assessment in Rio 2016 General English Translation of Brazilian Intelligence Service’s Terrorism Threat Assessment in Lead-Up to 2016 Summer Olympic Games: ABIN Terrorist Threat Assessment in Rio 2016- Rough English Translation Read More »

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Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler and Former Ambassador Winsor

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J.D. Gordon discusses changes in NATO strategy.

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‘Newsmax Prime’ Panel: America Not as Strong as It Once Was

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Global Dispatch

March 2016 • Issue 1

From Crisis to Response: Assessing Canada’s Fast-Track Refugee Policy by Candice Malcolm Click on image to download Dispatch Canada’s policy to admit 25,000 Syrian refugees by February 29, 2016, and another 25,000 by December 31, 2016, has been the cause of both fanfare and contention. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has received praise and encouragement from […] Read More »

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