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La globalización del crimen

  Fellow Dardo López-Dolz writes on the globalization of crime in this piece from El Montonero. He states that Latin America is an attractive place for criminal organizations due to its high levels of corruption, which make operating an illicit group, which knows no boundaries, easier. Read the entire article, in Spanish, at the link […] Read More »

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The Restructuring of the Venezuelan Military

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Embajadora Nikki Haley defiende decisión de Trump sobre Irán

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Las fuerzas que operan detrás del poder en Venezuela

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Global Dispatch

Turning the Tables: How Brazil Defeated an ISIS Threat

by Leonardo Coutinho September 2017 • Issue 5 Click on image to download Dispatch For several decades, Brazil has been criticized for serving as a haven for Islamist extremists in South America. Foz da Iguaçu, a southwestern Brazilian city within the Tri-Border Area, at the crossroads of Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, was used as a logistical […] Read More »

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May 2017 • Issue 4

Checking Iran’s Gambit: A Review of Canada’s Policy Toward the Islamic Republic by Candice Malcolm Click on image to download Dispatch This Dispatch provides an overview of Iran’s activities in Canada, including those of its proxy group Hezbollah, that led to Canada’s firm response in 2012. In detailing the steps taken by the Harper government […] Read More »

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March 2017 • Issue 3

Suriname: The New Paradigm of a Criminalized State by Douglas Farah and Kathryn Babineau Click on image to download Dispatch Paramaribo, Suriname—An isolated country on the Caribbean coast of South America, Suriname, has long been identified as an ideal “transit zone” for narco-traffickers and other nefarious actors. Its weak borders and corrupt government allows for […] Read More »

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