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Interim government in Bolivia breaks ties with the Maduro regime

Joseph Humire joins Idania Chirinos of NTN24 to discuss the nexus between Bolivia and Venezuela and how Evo Morales and his regime will leave two legacies in the country: the coming economic crisis, and the opaque nucle

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Delaying Sanctions Against Maduro Enabled The Region’s Destabilization

In just one month, destabilization has swept through at least three Latin American countries with protests and violence. For the first time, there is strong evidence that the Cuban and Venezuelan regimes are behind such

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For victories inside Venezuela, we have to act outside the country

In an interview with Sabrina Martín of the PanAm Post, SFS Executive Director Joseph Humire explains why the conflict in Venezuela is larger than the country itself. He remarked that "Cuba and Venezuela are tools being

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