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July 18 2017 image description
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Latin American Terror Trials

In the past couple of years, the threat of Islamist terror has grown throughout the Western Hemisphere, with operatives from Hezbollah, the Islamic State and other global terror organizations expanding their reach beyond their theaters of operations. The radical Islamist movement has various faces and dimensions, but the planning, organizing, financing, and execution of acts of terror have drawn increasing attention in Latin America, despite the region’s lack of effective legislation and infrastructure to combat it.


March 5 2015 image description
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SFS Panel and Reception for Cuba: Off the List?

On Wednesday, February 25, SFS hosted a policy roundtable regarding the U.S. State Department’s sixth month review to determine whether Cuba should remain on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. The list currently includes Iran, Syria, Sudan, and Cuba. In an effort to normalize relations between Cuba and the United States, Cuba requested removal from  the list citing that it hampers normalization efforts.  Our panelists included former Assistant Director of FBI’s Office of International Operations, Thomas Fuentes, Associate at Vision Americas and former U.S. State Department official, José Cardenas, SFS senior fellow Fernando Menéndez, with VOA’s Foro Interamericano host, Patricia Dalmasy, as the moderator…. (more…)