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Allison Reichel

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How is the coronavirus impacting Latin America?

Updated May 25, 2020, at 8:30 AM EST

SFS is actively tracking the confirmed coronavirus cases, deaths, mortality rate, and mitigation measures in Latin America. While every country varies in terms of its testing capabilities, cases are present in every Latin American country. Updated below is a sampling of these countries, sourced from local government websites and their social media platforms.

As of May 25th, Latin America is in the midst of its COVID-19 contagion peak with approximately 743,318 confirmed cases, and 40,134 deaths resulting from the novel coronavirus. This is roughly 196,241 more cases, or 26% growth, since last week. 

As noted last week, Brazil continues to lead the region in total gross number of confirmed cases and coronavirus related deaths, however, when adjusting per capita, Peru, Chile, Panama, and Ecuador (in that order), have worse community spread with the virus than Brazil each surpassing 20 cases per 10,000 inhabitants. 

The average Case Fatality Rate (CFR) of COVID-19 in Latin America dropped slightly to 5.4 percent, although many countries are still not testing at capacity. The outliers continue to be Belize and Suriname who both boast around a 10 percent death rate. Mexico’s death rate has also recently reached 10.78 percent. Nicaragua has suspiciously left that list after jumping from 25 confirmed cases to 294 cases on May 19th and is now reporting 759 confirmed cases. With only 17 confirmed COVID-19 related deaths, this sudden spike of contagion in Nicaragua has dropped their CFR to 2.24 percent after having a 15 – 20 percent death rate for most of the pandemic. 

Venezuela continues to show irregular data of COVID-19 spread in that its curve depicts linear growth (straight line) as opposed to the typical exponential growth (bell curve) associated with most countries combating the novel coronavirus. The data from the Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Suriname government are not credible.

The following infographic will be updated weekly as COVID-19 continues to spread in Latin America stressing an already weakened healthcare system.