Russia’s Assault on the U.S Dollar, Beyond the Ukraine War

SFS Executive Director Joseph M. Humire speaking on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its global economic effects at the 21st Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum hosted at the National Congress of the Republic of Guatemala on March 7-8, 2022.

To watch the entire forum, titled “Corruption and Transnational Organized Crime: Threats to Social and Economic Prosperity” please click here

The Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum hosts regular fora for international Parliamentarians and government officials to learn from preeminent experts regarding counter-terrorism financing, cyber security, predatory foreign investments, intelligence sharing, 5G, AI, and other relevant topics. Forum discussions offer working knowledge for legislative initiatives as well as technology tools that enhance stronger collaboration with United States’ allies to successfully eradicate terrorist capabilities and capacities.

To date, the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum has hosted 17 in person global fora with over 1,700 Parliamentarians and government officials in attendance representing 96 countries. During 2020-2021 PI-SF has hosted 14 webinars with 9,800 Parliamentarians participating from over 100 countries.