Saving Spain and Western Civilization | OTM in Madrid and Warsaw


For episode 5 of our travel video series, On The Move, we head to Europe where Western Civilization began. First, in Madrid, Joseph Humire speaks at several conferences and does media interviews to talk about the importance of sovereignty as the foundational premise for representative democracy. This message was timely in Spain as hundreds of thousands of Spanish citizens protested against the Socialist government of Pedro Sanchez and his amnesty deal with the Catalan separatists that violated the rule of law and secured his second term in office.

From Madrid we go to Warsaw and Prague, to take you to where Sovereignty and Democracy are currently being challenged by the War in neighboring Ukraine. Here Joseph Humire visits historic landmarks and speaks at important conferences, such as Forum 2000, to remind allies about the importance of nation-state sovereignty.

Special thanks to the following organizations for their support during these trips: New Direction, Fundación Disenso, CEU-San Pablo University, European Conservative Reform (ECR) Policy Group, Forum 2000, Casla Institute, and the Prague Security Studies Institute.