Latin America Under Threat | OTM EP. 04 Bogotá


For Episode 4 of our v-log, On The Move, we take you to Bogotá, Colombia, in the midst of political scandals involving President Gustavo Petro. During the trip, Joseph Humire received the tragic news that Ecuadorean presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was brutally assassinated in Quito. Villavicencio was known for denouncing the mafias and organized crime networks in Ecuador that are plaguing his country.

Meanwhile, in Bogotá, other assassination plots were discovered against the Colombian Attorney General, Senator María Fernanda Cabal, and others. Raising the question of what is behind the rise of political violence in Latin America. And how will this affect the United States?

In Bogotá, Joseph was invited by the Colombian Foreign Ministry, the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, and a prominent think tank, Instituto de Ciencia Política (ICP) to analyze how authoritarian regimes, namely the People’s Republic of China (PRC) are influencing Latin America and the rise of transnational organized crime.