‘Criminalized’ South American Nation Housing UAE Money Laundering Scheme

A United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based international gold refinery has established a branch that launders money for criminal and terrorist groups alike in the small “criminalized” South American country of Suriname, according to a national security think tank.

In a recently released report, the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS) describes a “criminalized state” as:

[A country] in which the state’s senior leadership is aware of and involved – either actively or through passive acquiescence – on behalf of the state, in transnational criminal enterprises, where TOC [transnational organized crime] is used as an instrument of statecraft, and where levers of state power are incorporated into the operational structure of one or more TOC groups.

During a discussion on Capitol Hill, one of the authors of the SFS report, titled “Suriname: The New Paradigm of a Criminalized State,” identifies the UAE-based branch in South America dubbed the Kaloti Suriname Mint House (KSMH) as the company’s largest wing on the Western Hemisphere.

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