Book Review: Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America

This dispassionate analysis of Iranian involvement in Latin America is an ambitious and successful attempt to persuade readers of the profound national security implications of Iran’s growing influence in that region. Editors and foreign policy pundits Joseph Humire and Ilan Berman contend that Iran is leveraging the anti-U.S. sentiment of several leftist countries in the region, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, and Bolivia, to expand Iranian influence in the Western Hemisphere. The editors, in addition to their respective contributions to the volume, have assembled an impressive list of contributors, ranging from Brazilian journalist Leonardo Coutinho to Bolivian congressman Adrián Oliva. Humire, who justifiably describes himself as “one of the foremost experts in the United States on Iran’s influence in Latin America,” is the executive director for the Washington think tank Secure Free Society (SFS), and has testified before Congress on several occasions regarding Iranian strategy and objectives in the Western Hemisphere.

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