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Jun 5, 2013 0 Comments

Joseph Humire on Terrorism in Belize

Joseph Humire – Executive Director, ‘Secure, Safe Society’

“Terrorist groups that were fundamentally operating in the middle east have looked to Latin America for sources of revenue. Belize has kind of become a hub of transaction crime throughout the entire sub region of South America, particularly not just the Latin American oriented transnational criminal groups but also middle eastern transnational criminal groups. This case of the individual Rafic Labbon who trafficked from Belize to California was a big case because we were talking about the same avenues that moved drugs, arms and other means of illicit goods can also traffic persons. That essentially can open doors for terrorists to come in through the US border.”

Jules Vasquez
“But in fact Rafic Labbon was blown up by the right wing as a Hezbollah leader but that has never been said by any functionary of the US State department, in fact he was arrested on an immigration violation and since then Belize’s entire passport system has changed much to the annoyance of regular citizens. I’m saying your argument seems to be skewed by your excitable fear of Hezbollah which may not even be based in fact.”

Joseph Humire
“A couple points, you made some good points. One, when the state department may not have acknowledged Rafic Labbon, the FBI certainly did. The FBI did have him on their watch list and he’s definitely an individual person.”

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    JOSEPH HUMIRE Joseph Humire is the executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS), and an expert on asymmetric warfare. His work focuses on examining transnational threats permeating throughout the Western Hemisphere. Follow him on Twitter @jmhumire
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