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Nov 3, 2014 0 Comments

J.D. Gordon: Obama Wants To Close Guantanamo To Free Detainees

Former Pentagon spokesman J.D. Gordon accused President Barack Obama of planning to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay so detainees could be returned to the United States and eventually be freed.

“He knows that if he closes Guantanamo and brings those 149 detainees to the United States, judges could let them out,” Gordon told “America’s Forum” host J.D. Hayworth on Newsmax TV on Monday.


“No one has to escape from super max if a judge lets them out. This is Obama’s secret. He’s a former law professor, he knows that there’s not enough evidence to keep these guys behind bars so if he brings them into the United States, activist judges who are long on ideology and short on concern for national security will just let these guys out. That’s part of Obama’s plan, he’s tried to release as many al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists as possible.”

The issue with the detainees, said Gordon, is that because they’re in Cuba rather than in the United States, they’re out of the reach of the judges needed to release them into the mainstream.

“Judges have ordered their release at Guantanamo but there’s no place for them to go,” Gordon said. “They can’t just walk outside the gate in Cuba and they can’t get repatriated to their countries or a third country. So if they’re actually in the mainland United States, even if it’s somewhere like Alaska, judges could actually let them out right then and there.”

Gordon gave two examples dating back to when he was at the Pentagon. Two enemy combatants, Jose Padilla and Ali al-Marri were being kept in the Charleston, S.C., military brig as enemy combatants, and the courts ruled against President George W. Bush’s administration about detaining them.

“So even if Obama moved them into the United States and wanted to keep them locked up, he couldn’t,” said Gordon. “We have a Constitution, we have three branches of government, judicial, legislative, executive. The judicial branch gets the vote, and guess what, a lot of these activist judges would release these guys in a heartbeat since we didn’t have battlefield detectives running after them.”

Gordon also told Hayworth that the military is growing to trust Obama less every day, and he’s not surprised.

“My last nine months [as Pentagon spokesman] were the first nine months of the Obama administration,” said Gordon. “I got to tell you, during the Bush administration I was invited over to the White House to sit in on meetings and give my thoughts on policy and how to articulate that policy.”

But once Obama took office, “I was not invited one time,” he continued. “They didn’t want me over there. The Obama folks, [there] are a lot of ideologues in there and they really don’t want to hear from the military. These folks think they know it all so why would they listen to the military if they already have all the answers?”

Most military people, Gordon said, tend to be conservatives who vote Republican, as Democratic administrations tend to enact cuts on military spending.

“If you look back in the 1970s, Jimmy Carter, he hollowed out the military and we had a hard time defending this country [and] it resulted in the disaster to try to free our hostages in Iran,” said Gordon. “Jimmy Carter was one, Bill Clinton was another one. He took a hammer to the military. Barack Obama’s taking a hammer to the military, more like a sledgehammer — $1 trillion in defense cuts over this next decade and he’s worked with Congressional allies to do it. So a lot of military folks just don’t trust the Democrats when they come into power in the White House, and it’s mutual.

Further, Gordon said he agrees with Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain’s statements last month, when he called Pentagon Press Secretary Admiral John Kirby an “idiot” for giving a rambling, convoluted assessment of the U.S.-led coalition’s fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).

Gordon said Kirby has been his friend and colleague for years, but “when I got to think about it more, I thought, well that’s pretty harsh and I feel pain for Admiral Kirby.”

However, he said, McCain “raises a really good point” that Kirby misleads the American people.

“He’s trying to justify things like releasing those five Taliban top leaders from Guantanamo for an Army deserter, we’re talking about a deputy defense minister, deputy intel minister, two governors, for a guy who walked off post,” said Gordon. “Kirby’s trying to justify a lot of things to the American people, including these $1 trillion in defense cuts. It’s unjustifiable.”

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