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HUMIRE: Tenemos que ser prudentes y observar a nuestras comunidades

Joseph Humire habla con Jose Diaz-Balart sobre el atentado de ISIS en Barcelona y la mejor estrategia para combatir el extremismo.

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Probe: Spain’s ‘Podemos’ Party may have been given €5 million Euros by Iran regime

Spanish authorities are actively investigating rumors that Iran’s regime heavily financed the activities of the country’s Podemos political party, according to Spanish media sources.

The Union of Economic and Fiscal Delinquency, La Unidad de Delincuencia Económica y Fiscal (UDEF), an investigative arm of the country’s National Police has launched a detailed probe in determining whether the party accepted €5m Euros from Iran in exchange for influence in the country’s political and economic arenas, El Confidencial, a Spanish newspaper said.

Podemos’ secretary general  Pablo Iglesias continues to defend his party’s transparency.