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Venezuelan Refugee Crisis

Joseph Humire joins Stefan Molyneux on Freedomain Radio to discuss a wide range of security and foreign policy issues including:

  1. DACA
  2. Venezuela
  3. The dangers surrounding the refugee crisis
  4. Hezbollah’s presence in Latin America
  5. Iran

Watch the jam-packed episode below!

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‘Staggering number’ of jihadists in Europe

There are a “staggering number” of jihadist terrorists in Europe.

This comes from a new report by Europe’s border patrol agency, Frontex, which details just how out of control the migrant crisis has become.

Frontex reported a record 1.82 million illegal border crossings in 2015. That works out to about 5,000 people entering Europe illegally every single day. The number is likely even higher since many enter the EU undetected by authorities.