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“Decertifying” Iranian Influence In Venezuela

Iran Talks. Abschluss Iran Verhandlungen. UNO. Wien, 14.07.2015, Foto: Dragan Tatic

Photo: Dragan Tatic

As the Trump Administration seeks to decertify the JCPOA in the coming weeks, our Fellow J.D. Gordon was able to give a few comments to OAN. Gordon remarked that “Iran is very much a threat to the United States including from Latin America.  Iran has tried to strengthen their relations not just with Venezuela but also Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and other countries within Latin America that are hostile towards the United States.”

He continued by asserting that Iran is not the only extra-regional actor in Latin America and said, “one of the things Americans should know is that there’s a lot of extra-regional actors there that don’t share U.S. interests.  We know about the Cubans and their intelligence apparatus and surveillance apparatus, but there’s also the Iranians are in Venezuela. Hezbollah—which is the Iranian terror proxy–they’re also there. And the Russians and the Chinese are also helping to prop up the Maduro regime economically.”

Gordon ended reiterating the threat Iran poses to the US and stated, Iran “operates globally and that includes Latin America.  So it’s a very good idea to decertify Iran and just get this accord over with.”

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