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Iranian terrorist network could use Latin American traffickers against U.S., military warns

A senior U.S. military official has once again expressed concern from Washington that Iranian-backed terrorists groups are operating throughout Latin America and working with drug trafficking groups.

Speaking to the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee last week, Lieutenant General Ken Tovo – the deputy commander of U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) – told lawmakers that he was concerned about “the financial and operational overlap between criminal and terrorist networks” in Latin America.

“While there is not yet any indication that the criminal networks involved in human- and drug-trafficking are interested in supporting the efforts of terrorist groups, these networks could unwittingly, or even wittingly, facilitate the movement of terrorist operatives or weapons of mass destruction toward our borders, potentially undetected and almost completely unrestricted,” Tovo said in his testimony to Congress…. (more…)

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Opinion: Nisman’s death raises alarm about Iran’s influence in Latin America

“I can end up dead because of this” were the words of the late Alberto Nisman, Argentina’s top prosecutor in the historic AMIA case. Tragically, his words became prophetic when he was found slain in the bathroom of his high-rise apartment in Buenos Aires, just one day before he was going to present his latest investigation against the Argentinian president, her foreign minister and Iran.

Many are not aware of Iran’s presence and penetration in Latin America, but Dr. Nisman knew that the Iranian terrorists involved in Argentina’s 9-11 are still active in his country and throughout the region.

Recordings recently released by Argentinian journalists reveal Dr. Nisman’s wiretaps on an Iranian agent known as Alejandro “Yussuf” Khalil, who appears to be just one of several well-placed sources in Buenos Aires. According to Dr. Nisman, all these agents reported to an infamous Iranian cleric, Mohsen Rabbani, mastermind of the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center resulting in 85 deaths. … (more…)