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Anti-Dollar Alliance: Russia, China & Ecuador advance against the global dominance of the U.S. dollar

SFS Policy Report No. 2 — Anti-Dollar Alliance: Russia, China & Ecuador advance against the global dominance of the U.S. dollar addresses an emerging global alliance that is working to undermine the international monetary system.

The report is co-authored by SFS Executive Director Joseph M. Humire, Senior Fellow Fernando Menéndez, and Juan Cordero, which is a pseudonym for an economic analyst and expert on money laundering in Ecuador. Enea Gjoza and SFS International Fellow Evgueni Novikov contributed to this report. After months of study including thorough field research, the co-authors provide the facts showing Quito’s extensive collaboration with strategic partners in Moscow and Beijing to upend the dollar as the world’s dominant reserve currency. Can this new axis of economic warfare against the U.S. succeed in supplanting the dollar through an alternative international financial system?

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The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, tweeted ‘Heil Hitler’ on Thursday, in response to an opposition politician’s tweet about his regime.

The opposition politician, Guillermo Cochez, had tweeted out a video of Ecuador’s former president, Osvaldo Hurtado, speaking at a think tank event and calling Correa’s regime “fascist.”

Cochez, Ecuador’s former ambassador to the Organisation of American States, is known for walking out of a meeting of the body after calling Venezuela a “sick democracy” and a “classic dictatorship.”


People don’t really talk about Ecuador much in the United States, but this is a troubling reminder that we shouldn’t forget to look south. Correa’s government is part of ALBA, a block of countries created by late-Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. ALBA stands for Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America, and they do NOT like the United States.

As for Ecuador specifically, there are two solid reasons why we should pay attention to what’s going on down there. First is the country’s increasingly spotty record on human rights.