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La globalización del crimen


Fellow Dardo López-Dolz writes on the globalization of crime in this piece from El Montonero. He states that Latin America is an attractive place for criminal organizations due to its high levels of corruption, which make operating an illicit group, which knows no boundaries, easier.

Latin_America_terrainRead the entire article, in Spanish, at the link below.

Dardo López-Dolz habla sobre la globalización del crimen en su artículo. Él dice que “Latinoamérica es campo atractivo de inversión no solo para las empresas legítimas,” pero, “los altos niveles de corrupción hemisférica la hacen también atractiva para la delincuencia organizada, que no conoce fronteras.” Él usa FARC como un ejemplo de esta crimen global.

Lee el artículo completo en El Montonero, aquí.

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Reconceptualizing Security in the Americas in the 21st Century

SFS executive director Joseph Humire was recently published for his chapter in the book Reconceptualizing Security in the Americas in the 21st Century (Lexington Books, 2014). Humire’s chapter: Venezuela: Trends in Organized Crime, addresses and analyzes how the Venezuelan government uses state-power to fuel, broker and facilitate transnational organized crime. This specific chapter on Venezuela discusses how PDVSA has fueled… the Bolivarian Armed Forces have brokered… and the Venezuelan government, writ large, has been overrun… by organized crime. He discusses the role that Venezuelan government officials like Diosdado Cabello, Hugo Carvajal, Tareck El Aissami and many others have in fostering this trend. And the links they have made to extra-regional criminal groups and terrorist organizations.

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