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The true role of the “fixers” between Iran and Argentina denounced by Nisman

In this Infobae article, Martín Dinatale delves into the continuously evolving and highly contentious international mystery that is the research findings and death of the late Argentine prosecutor: Alberto Nisman. While exploring the concept of “fixers” and “super fixers”, Dinatale details the role that the Islamic Republic of Iran played in the highly controversial Memorandum of Understanding, and the ensuing alleged cover up by former Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner. In this riveting article on international powers influencing Latin American politics, cultural centers and industry, there is no shortage of intrigue surrounding a series of events spanning more than two decades. Who was Alberto Nisman? Who were these Iranian “fixers,” and what were they doing in Argentina? There is plenty to learn in this article.


Read the whole article, and uncover a story shrouded in mystery here.

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El testimonio que podría demostrar la verdad oculta detrás del pacto del kirchnerismo con Irán

The enduring Nisman case is finally seeing renewed interest due to new evidence. Testimony and subsequent evidence from Allan Bogado might finally expose the truth about the death of Albert Nisman, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and Iran and more importantly, whether the Kirchner was a crucial part, passively complicit, or unaware of an Iranian nuclear program. Joseph Humire was cited from his testimony before Congress detailing Iran’s role in Latin America and the underestimation of its regional importance for the Middle East actor.

Read the full article, in Spanish, at Infobae.


Un testimonio nuevo va a revelar la verdad después de mucho tiempo sobre Alberto Nisman, la administración de Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, y Irán. Usarán pruebas de Allan Bogado para determinar si Argentina tenía un parte en un programa nuclear iraní. El artículo cita Joseph Humire en su testimonio ante del Congreso sobre las influencias y acciones iraníes en América Latina. Él dijo “creo que todos hems subestimado la importancia de América Latina para la República Islámica.” Nuevas pruebas en el caso de Nisman va a aclarar este misterio perdurado.

Lee el artículo completo en Infobae, aquí.