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About Allison

A driven and dedicated Economics, Ph. D. student at George Mason University, Allison is SFS’s Graduate Student Fellow. Her Ph. D. fields are Public Choice and Institutions and Development, and much of her undergraduate research was focused on international policy. She has a strong analytical economic foundation coupled with experience conducting research on economic development and policy analysis. Much of her research has been focused on both Latin American development and Russian policy solutions. 

In addition to her position as a consultant for the Anderson-Indian Law Firm, Allison devotes much time to researching and analyzing the current economic instability in Latin America. She has previous experience on the Hill, and held a position as an administrative and legislative aid for a government relations consulting firm specializing in national defense technologies during her senior undergraduate year.  

Allison completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from George Mason in just three-years, while simultaneously holding numerous internships and jobs related to policy work, commercial real estate, and economics.