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Feb 28, 2018 0 Comments

China Will ‘Increasingly Project’ Military Power in Latin America Media Appearances, Media Mentions

In response to our latest Dispatch, Breitbart columnist Edwin Mora discusses China’s increasing role in Latin America. The article echoes the report and notes the increasing security concern that Bejing’s actions in the region pose.

As well as ongoing economic influence, there has been a “steady increase in Chinese intelligence activities in Latin America, which likely seek to collect information on U.S. military technology and doctrine; conduct cyber warfare, and carry out corporate espionage.” 

This security concern is also noted by the U.S. military who have said, “The larger strategic challenge posed by China in this region is not yet a military one. It is an economic one, and a new approach may be required to compete effectively against China’s coordinated efforts in the Americas. Some of the most critical elements needed in this effort are not ones that [SOUTHCOM] can bring to bear.”

To read the full article click, here and check the latest Dispatch out, here.

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Feb 23, 2018 0 Comments

The US and Colombia aren’t planning a military intervention in Venezuela, but is Maduro? Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications


In an op-ed piece for CNN in Español, Joseph Humire discusses the ongoing crisis in Venezuela. He asks, what if the strategic objective isn’t to produce internal chaos, but to provoke an external conflict?

What role do Russia and Iran play?

And what does Plan Zamora have to do with the strategy?

Read the full article (in Spanish), here.

Joseph Humire escribe en una columna para CNN en Español en que él discute la situación en Venezuela. Él pregunta  “qué pasa si el objetivo estratégico de la propaganda del régimen venezolano ya no es distraer del caos interno sino provocar un conflicto externo?”

¿Qué tiene ver con Plan Zamora or Rusia y Irán?

Lee el artículo completo, aquí, para averiguarlo.

Feb 21, 2018 0 Comments

February 2018 • Issue 6 Global Dispatch

The Dragon and the Condor: Beyond China’s Economic Influence in the Americas

by Ricardo Neeb & Fernando Menéndez

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Mainstream analysis of China’s presence in Latin America almost exclusively concentrates on economics rather than politics, and often disregards military or security issues entirely. Chinese economic penetration of the Western Hemisphere, which includes products, services, loans, and investments, has grown considerably since Hu Jintao first visited Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Cuba in 2004. This progress has also brought growing concern about the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) strategic objectives as well as its non- or extra-economic activities in the region. One significant area is the almost imperceptible but steady increase in Chinese intelligence activities in Latin America.

In this Dispatch, we examine China’s growing regional influence from a geostrategic perspective, examining such activities as the building of the Nicaragua Transoceanic Canal, the implications of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the intelligence capabilities afforded by Beijing’s use of cyberspace and fiber optic cables to augment its other activities in South America. As a country grows economically, it is likely to increasingly project its power through military and political means as well, and that is certainly true of a country now acknowledged as the second largest global economy. It is also clear that China’s strategic objectives and interests are well beyond the economic realm, and that they raise considerable national security concerns for the US as well as for other nations in the hemisphere.