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Sep 7, 2013 0 Comments

Is the China-Latin American Fiesta Over? Articles / Opinion Editorials


The recent deceleration in China’s economic growth rate has sent waves of speculation among many commentators.  Most recently, concern is being voiced that China’s slowdown will have a negative impact on Latin America’s emerging markets. The Miami Herald’s Andres Oppenheimer, for example, declared that the “China-Latin American fiesta is over.”  None other than Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman has argued “China is in big trouble.” 

For Oppenheimer signs of the fiesta’s end are China’s lowered growth rates, its decreasing raw material purchases in the region, as well as a lack of diversification in exports and infrastructure spending by Latin American countries. 

There are two things to examine here.  One is China’s shifting economic priorities.  The other concerns trade policies in different Latin American countries. 

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