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May 15, 2013 0 Comments

Crackdown on Afro-Cubans destroys myth of racial equality Articles / Opinion Editorials


OSLO, Norway – At the time of Fidel Castro’s takeover of Cuba in 1959, “separate but equal” was the norm in much of the Western world. Castro won plaudits from early supporters for banning the practice of separate facilities on the island, promising a raceless, equal society under the new regime. Today, the regime instead targets any Afro-Cuban who dares challenge the historical fallacy that blacks on the island have fared better under the Revolution.

Afro-Cuban fealty to the Castro regime after the fall of Batista was certainly understandable. Fresh on their minds was the historical remembrance of having been a significant contingent of the forces that fought and defeated Spanish colonial rule, yet they were subsequently denied the respect and dignity that should have followed. A fledgeling 1912 resistance movement was so brutally put down by the white-dominated post-colonial ruling class that it served to drive the revolt underground for a generation or more. That memory has persisted through much of the Castro years, though it’s effect on their will to resist has waned in recent years as the island’s most visible political prisoners, and recent political martyrs, have been predominantly black.

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May 13, 2013 0 Comments

Evgueni Novikov discusses US-Russia relations on WJLA/News 8 Capital Insider Television Appearances


U.S.-Russia relations and the so-call “reset button”

By George Jackson

Thursday was “Victory Day” in Moscow — the 68th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s triumph in World War II. Once again, President Vladimir Putin took to the world stage.

In the past few weeks, Russia has been key to the Boston Marathon Bombing investigation and negotiations over Syria’s civil war.

Dr. Evgueni Novikov, Senior Fellow, Center for a Secure Free Society and former senior official in the Communist Party, discussed those issues with Capital Insider.

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May 11, 2013 0 Comments

U.S., Russia ‘reset’ button must focus on counterterrorism Articles / Opinion Editorials


May 9 marks the 68th anniversary of Moscow’s Victory Day celebrating the Soviet Union’s triumph in World War II. The anniversary puts President Vladimir Putin on the world stage from Moscow.

Arguably the benefactor from America’s “Reset Button,” Putin won an unprecedented third term largely through outmaneuvering his U.S. counterpart thereby fostering resurgent nationalism within Russia. Putin got the better deal in the New START agreement on nuclear arms reduction, has continued to test U.S. resolve with submarine patrols in the Gulf of Mexico and strategic bomber fly-bys off Alaska and Guam, all the while supporting anti-U.S. regimes in Iran, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela.

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