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Jul 31, 2011 0 Comments

Is a Security Tax a Good Investment for the Central American Private Sector? Articles / Opinion Editorials


A little over a month ago the Central American Integration System held a conference in Guatemala focused on regional security.  At this conference, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, made the controversial statements “true security cannot be funded on the backs of the poor,” urging that “businesses and the rich in every country [within Central America] must pay their fair share of taxes,” to combat what the Pentagon has called the deadliest region in the world outside of active war zones.

The conference was part of a necessary effort by the Central American community to produce a joint security strategy, but the outcomes missed the target.  While promises of more cooperation and more cash were abundant, what was missing was an actual strategy.

A comprehensive regional security strategy must address the political, economic, and social dimensions fueling the security crisis.  Jumping directly into defense tactics and activities, such as enhanced police training and acquiring high-end technology, is putting the carriage before the horse…. Continue Reading »