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A great success — SFS Panel & Reception for U.S. Russia Reset Button

Thanks to everyone for attending our SFS Panel & Reception to hear more about the U.S.-Russia Reset Button on Thursday, May 9th, Russia’s “Victory Day.”  Held in our shared offices with the American Foreign Policy Council, we enjoyed an excellent turnout, with roughly 50 attendees including guests, speakers and staff.

The panel of Dr. Evgueni Novikov, J. Patrick Murray, E. Wayne Merry and moderator Josh Rogin presented an informative range of views on the complexity of U.S.-Russia relations, and the pros and cons of working more closely with Russia on counterterrorism efforts.

To see some of the opinions reflected at our event, please see the column that Evgueni and I co-authored for Fox News Opinion.


J.D. Gordon

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SFS participates in prominent free market think tank events in the Southern Cone

SFS was delighted and honored to participate in prominent Latin America think tank events in Argentina and Chile this past April. 

Eight scholars and associates from the SFS network with regional expertise from their senior posts in the U.S., Colombian, Venezuelan and Bolivian governments, academia and think tanks participated in panels and discussions for the 25th anniversary of Argentina’s Fundacíon Libertad (Liberty Foundation) in Rosario and Buenos Aires the week of April 8th, and two participated in a forum at Chile’s Instituto Libertad (Liberty Institute) in Santiago the week of April 15th.

Over 2,000 free market opinion leaders from throughout the Western Hemisphere and Europe attended the Fundacíon Libertad anniversary events, to include former heads of state from Spain, Slovenia, Uruguay and Bolivia, dozens of current and former cabinet members, featuring keynote speeches from Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa of Peru and Jose Maria Aznar of Spain. You can read a more complete summary of the event here and read more about SFS’s role at these events after the jump!
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Welcome to the Secure Freedom Blog

Thank you for visiting our Secure Freedom Blog.  This blog will showcase the work and