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Despite horrors of Paris, Obama continues to free terror suspects from Guantanamo

While 40 world leaders marched in Paris to show solidarity against terrorist attacks, Obama not only skipped the event, he remains determined to free as many Al Qaeda, Taliban and affiliated jihadists from Guantanamo as possible.

Just this week he released five Yemenis, four to Oman and one to Estonia, despite their front-line service against U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan. At least one is suspected of serving as a bodyguard to Usama bin Laden…. (more…)

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Obama Rolls Dice With American Lives Over GITMO Releases

Snake eyes, you die. Seven, eleven, you live. All other rolls of the dice are anybody’s guess.

Yes, just like craps, such is the randomness of President Barack Obama’s gamble on releasing so many radical Islamic terror suspects from Guantanamo and hoping they don’t kill Americans and our allies. Yet sadly it’s no game, countless lives are at stake.

Of the 779 detainees ever held at Gitmo, almost 650 detainees have been released. U.S. intelligence authorities report that nearly 1 in 3 are confirmed or suspected of having returned to terrorism…. (more…)