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Europe damaged by careless immigration

The enemy is now within. In Europe, anyway, and specifically in Belgium.

The Brussels’ neighborhood of Molenbeek has become a base for radical Islamic terrorism in Europe.

The 2004 Madrid subway bombings — the deadliest Islamic terrorist attack on the continent to date — had links to Molenbeek. More recently, the Paris attacks were planned from Molenbeek and carried out, in part, by terrorists born and raised in the neighborhood.

This time, they’ve struck closer to home in Brussels. On Tuesday, Islamic terrorists known to authorities blew themselves up in simultaneous blasts that killed dozens and injured scores more.


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Bogus passports create refugee challenge

One of the suicide bombers who blew himself up outside a soccer stadium in Paris was in possession of a Syrian passport. Reports indicate that the passport was not his own, and yet, officials don’t know why the terrorist was carrying it.

This is part of the challenge immigration officers face when screening and selecting refugees for resettlement into Western countries.

Verifying information is a key component of this process. And while Canadian immigration officials are trained to decipher lies and inconsistencies in testimonies, things get more complicated when would-be refugees present false or fake documents.

Identity verification is frequently the most time-consuming and difficult portion of any security clearance check. The task is made more difficult thanks to the booming black market for fake passports and other immigration documents.

Since many European countries give preferential treatment to Syrian refugees, Syrian passports have become a hot commodity in the underground economy.

But those aren’t the only fake passports being used to deceive officials.