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Europe damaged by careless immigration

The enemy is now within. In Europe, anyway, and specifically in Belgium.

The Brussels’ neighborhood of Molenbeek has become a base for radical Islamic terrorism in Europe.

The 2004 Madrid subway bombings — the deadliest Islamic terrorist attack on the continent to date — had links to Molenbeek. More recently, the Paris attacks were planned from Molenbeek and carried out, in part, by terrorists born and raised in the neighborhood.

This time, they’ve struck closer to home in Brussels. On Tuesday, Islamic terrorists known to authorities blew themselves up in simultaneous blasts that killed dozens and injured scores more.


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Screening for terrorists isn’t fear-mongering

Critics of Prime Minister Stephen Harper often accuse him of using the so-called “politics of fear and division,” especially when it comes to immigration and Canada’s national security.

It is a favorite line of attack against the Conservative government. But is Harper really fear-mongering to attract votes, or is he simply being honest with Canadians about the threats we face?

During the recent foreign policy debate, for example, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair criticized the Harper government’s refugee policy and took issue with their handling of the MV Sun Sea, the boat that arrived on Canada’s west coast in 2010 carrying hundreds of Sri Lankan migrants.

Mulcair was appalled and chided Harper because one of his cabinet ministers had said the boat was carrying terrorists.

The problem, of course, is that the MV Sun Sea was carrying terrorists.