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Watch Correa, not Castro at Americas summit: Column

As three dozen world leaders meet in Panama, April 10 to 11 for the 7th Summit of the Americas, conventional wisdom is to watch Barack Obama and Raul Castro.

After all, this is Cuba’s first attendance since these summits began in the 1990s. Based on the principles of democracy and free trade, the Organization of American States had excluded Cuba since the Castro regime obviously practices neither. Despite that reality, President Obama is normalizing relations with Havana after more than 50 years.

While most people will focus on Obama and Castro, the man to watch isn’t Barack, 83-year old Raul, nor his 88-year old brother Fidel.

Obama is already something a lame duck, with Republicans controlling Congress and less than two years left in office. And both Castro brothers don’t have much time left. Period.

The man to watch is Ecuador’s Rafael Correa, wherever he might be. He represents the future and his growing influence is more powerful than most think, and now is playing games with the summit, saying he might even boycott…. (more…)

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The Iran and Argentina Nexus

Image taken from page 47 of 'The Boston School Atlas. With elemental geography and astronomy, etc. (Fourth edition.) [Maps, with explanatory text.]'
In a Veja op-ed entitled “The Teheran-Caracas-Buenos Aires Connection,” Leonardo Coutinho explains the complex dealings between Iran, Venezuela, and Argentina as told by three defectors of the Chavez regime. Joseph Humire used this article as a source for a testimony before a House joint subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere and the Middle East, which was then quoted in Mary O’Grady’s article titled, “Iran and Argentina: The Defectors’ Tale.”

Humire is quoted as saying, “if [the defectors’ information] is true, then I believe we have all underestimated Latin America’s importance to the Islamic Republic. And by extension can no longer afford to divorce the continuing nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 and Iran’s activities in the region.”

Read the complete articles, mentioned above, here:

“The Teheran-Caracas-Buenos Aires Connection” by Leonardo Coutinho in Veja

“Iran and Argentina: The Defectors’ Tale” by Mary O’Grady in the Wall Street Journal