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The Iran and Argentina Nexus

Image taken from page 47 of 'The Boston School Atlas. With elemental geography and astronomy, etc. (Fourth edition.) [Maps, with explanatory text.]'
In a Veja op-ed entitled “The Teheran-Caracas-Buenos Aires Connection,” Leonardo Coutinho explains the complex dealings between Iran, Venezuela, and Argentina as told by three defectors of the Chavez regime. Joseph Humire used this article as a source for a testimony before a House joint subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere and the Middle East, which was then quoted in Mary O’Grady’s article titled, “Iran and Argentina: The Defectors’ Tale.”

Humire is quoted as saying, “if [the defectors’ information] is true, then I believe we have all underestimated Latin America’s importance to the Islamic Republic. And by extension can no longer afford to divorce the continuing nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 and Iran’s activities in the region.”

Read the complete articles, mentioned above, here:

“The Teheran-Caracas-Buenos Aires Connection” by Leonardo Coutinho in Veja

“Iran and Argentina: The Defectors’ Tale” by Mary O’Grady in the Wall Street Journal

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Venezuela’s Lawlessness Fueling Protests

When British citizen, Thomas Henry Berry and his ex-wife, Monica Spear, travelled to Venezuela for a vacation early in the new year, they hoped to spend time enjoying the beautiful sights and sunsets of Spear’s distant homeland.

Unfortunately, the former Miss Venezuela and her ex-husband fell victim to the harsh reality that many of her compatriots face on a daily basis, as they were left dead on a roadside in the mountains of western Venezuela.

More recently, 22-year-old local beauty pageant winner, Genesis Carmona, faced the same fate as Miss Spear, shot in the head and killed while protesting in the city of Valencia. But it’s not just beauty queens that are being killed in country where someone dies every 21 minutes. 

All Venezuelans are feeling this extreme insecurity and senseless violence to the extent that it incentivized the Venezuelan youth to mobilize on February 12th. Considered the third most violent country in the world, Venezuela has seen homicide rates rise an astonishing 444 percent in the 14 years since Chavismo took over.