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SITREP: Crisis in Venezuela

August 2017 — Venezuela has started to garner international attention as the country’s political situation continues to deteriorate, shining a spotlight on the oft-neglected country and its internal unrest.The U.S. tendency to overlook Latin America in formulating foreign policy has resulted in a void of accurate information on Venezuela and the region. SFS stays committed to providing up-to-date reporting and has consistently emphasized the importance of Venezuela and Latin America to U.S. foreign policy and national security. Our field research and detailed analysis is carefully constructed so that U.S. policymakers can count on a proper threat assessment.

This Situation Report (SITREP) provides research, writings, and testimony from scholars, senior fellows, and international fellows of the Center for a Secure Free Society (SFS), as well as information from other scholars and international news outlets analyzing the crisis in Venezuela.

Download a PDF of SITREP on the Crisis in Venezuela

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Sobre el chavismo

La dictadura no va a caer con protestas pacíficas

Hay circunstancias en las que la política y la economía debieran aprender de la medicina. Para resolver definitivamente un problema y evitar que se prolongue en el tiempo o se extienda en el espacio es imprescindible identificar dónde se origina y atacar el problema en la raíz. Atacar solo las consecuencias es tan eficaz en el largo plazo como contentarse con amputar la metástasis de un tumor maligno.