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9/11 suspects on hunger strike at Gitmo — Oh the Humanity!

“Oh, the Humanity!”

So went the famous phrase shouted by Chicago’s WLS Radio announcer Herb Morrison as he witnessed the Hindenburg crash and burn in Lakehurst, N.J. on May 6, 1937.

Though the death of three-dozen Germans and Americans in the fiery explosion 75 years ago is a far cry from the “plight” of 9/11 suspects at Gitmo, at least two of Al Qaeda’s top operatives are trying to evoke similar emotions as they have gone on a hunger strike to garner sympathy for their cause. But curiously, press coverage has been sparse unlike in years past.

In a place where the Obama administration just forked over $750,000 to pay for a detainee soccer field overlooking the Caribbean, they’re served 3 halal meals a day, some of them watch Middle Eastern television via satellite while others play basketball or spend time with their Nintendo Wii’s, what could they possibly be complaining about anyway?


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New Guantanamo soccer field shows Obama’s priorities in action

With up to $1 trillion in defense spending cuts planned over the next decade, the Obama administration has curiously managed to spend $750,000 in taxpayer funds on a year-long construction project for a detainee soccer field at Gitmo.

Though it’s a tough choice to say who deserves more blame for such apparent waste, fraud and abuse, the genius who thought up the soccer field in the first place, or the contractor fleecing Uncle Sam for a small dirt field surrounded by a green fence, one thing is certain – this episode shows President Obama’s priorities in action.