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As Venezuela sinks, Ecuador rises as chief anti-Yankee antagonist

While Venezuela sinks as the oil market bottoms out, infrastructure crumbles, food shortages abound, the murder rate soars and civil unrest simmers, Ecuador is quietly rising to lead the charge against U.S. interests in Latin America.

It’s no secret that Nicolas Maduro, the track suit-wearing, former bus driver and Hugo Chavez protégé is failing to fill El Comandante’s shoes since he died of cancer in 2013.

Complicating his grip on Caracas, according to Citi Research, Venezuela needs oil at least $151 a barrel to balance their budget. Unless oil prices dramatically rebound, his regime won’t last much longer…. (more…)

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Russian Missiles Positioned In Caracas Are Ominous Sign Repression Will Worsen

Three U.S. diplomats, the Panamanian mission, and even CNN Español, have recently been expelled from Venezuela under the pretext of “foreign intervention” in the Bolivarian Republic. Straight from the playbook of the late Hugo Chávez, his heir apparent Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has repeatedly accused the United States of intervening in domestic affairs and recently sent his Foreign Minister, Elías Jaua, on a public tour to “denounce” the U.S. and accuse the Secretary of State, John Kerry, of “…encourage[ing] the protests in Venezuela” and went as far as to call him a “murderer.”

In reality, it is Maduro who has invited foreign intervention into Venezuela on behalf of the Bolivarian government circumventing its sovereignty to Cuba, and calling on Iran, Russia, and China to aid and assist its violent suppression and intimidation of the Venezuelan people.