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Egypt will set course for Middle East

With the ebb and flow of major clashes in Cairo’s Tahrir Square since the Arab Spring began nearly two years ago, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details of who’s doing what to whom on any given day. Americans must take a step above the fray and look at Egypt and beyond from a broader, strategic level.

What we’re seeing unfold in Egypt — similar to what took place in LibyaTunisia and Yemen with leaders toppled by the “Arab Street” — represents the most significant geopolitical shake-up since the Russian Revolution of 1917 ushered in the Soviet Union and Iran’s Revolution of 1979 gave us the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In all three scenarios, popular uprisings overthrew dictators — a czar, a shah and plenty of Arab autocrats. Although those revolutions were launched by a variety of groups wanting change, the best organized movements always have pushed aside rivals…. (more…)

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Run-off election in Egypt crucial to the Middle East

J.D. Gordon discusses the Egyptian election’s importance for the Middle East on Capital Insider.