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Las fuerzas que operan detrás del poder en Venezuela



 Joseph Humire joins NTN24 and Mariano de Alba to discuss and debate Russia and its influence in Venezuela (Joseph Humire habla con NTN24 y Mariano de Alba para debatir sobre Rusia y su influencia en Venezuela).

  • Is Russia using Venezuela as a base to exert influence throughout the region? (¿Está Rusia usando Venezuela como base para ganar influencia en la región?)
  • Did Russia influence electoral processes in several countries? (¿Influye Rusia los procesos electorales en otras países?)
  • Is Russia allied with Iran, China, and Cuba in order to carry-out destabilizing acts in the region? (¿Está Rusia aliado con Irán, China, y Cuba para realizar acciones desestabilizadas en la región?)

Watch the video, in Spanish, at NTN24, here to find out (Ve el video en NTN24 para averiguar).

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As China’s Military Power Grows, Potential Conflicts Arise

It was once argued that China had opted to emphasize economic growth rather than military capacity. The goals of China’s military modernization were (a) to respond to a declaration of independence by Taiwan, and (b) to deter a foreign power from contemplating an attack on China. Not possessing so much as an aircraft carrier, it was long believed that China had no intention and, more importantly, no capacity for projecting power abroad. That is now changing and the stakes of the change are higher.