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Hubris and Prudence in Nicaragua

The latest from fellow Fernando Menéndez about China’s place in Nicaragua: 

“A few short years ago, Chinese investments in Latin America seemed to mean changing the nature of the hemisphere in economic, if not political, terms. One such possibility was a massive canal to traverse Central America, leading to increased commerce between oceans and physically altering the geography of the region. The canal, one out of many proposed, was meant to serve as robust competition for the Panama Canal, seriously changing the calculations concerning intercontinental trade and commerce. It was also meant to establish China’s footprint in the hemisphere. Today, the proposed Nicaraguan canal has not broken ground.”

Read the entire article to find out more about China’s role in the Americas and the mythical canal, here.

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As China’s Military Power Grows, Potential Conflicts Arise

It was once argued that China had opted to emphasize economic growth rather than military capacity. The goals of China’s military modernization were (a) to respond to a declaration of independence by Taiwan, and (b) to deter a foreign power from contemplating an attack on China. Not possessing so much as an aircraft carrier, it was long believed that China had no intention and, more importantly, no capacity for projecting power abroad. That is now changing and the stakes of the change are higher.