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Nearly seven years ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin successfully won the bid to host this week’s Winter Olympics in Sochi. For Putin, this is an opportunity to show off Russia as a leader on an international stage. For others, this may be a chance to send a message to the world.

In July of last year, Doha Umarov, leader of the al-Qaeda affiliated “Caucusus Emirate” terrorist group, released a statement vowing an attack on the Sochi games, which he called “Satanic dances on our ancestor’s graves.” Umarov also claimed responsibility for two major explosions in Volgograd in December 2013, calling them rehearsals for future Sochi attacks.

Responding to the current threats, Putin has deployed more than 40,000 additional security forces to Sochi, restricted automobile access to several sites, and has spent more than US $50 billion on the games. Despite these measures and precautions, however, many security experts remain concerned because these particular Islamist terrorists may be outside Putin’s sphere of influence.