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Biometric system failed to detect terror suspect Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications

Authors: Candice Malcolm

fingerprint-456483_960_720Biometric data encompass a range of identifying information excluding name and demographics. This information is important for governments so they can verify people migrating to their country and provide security measures to existing citizens, among other things.

But what happens when this information fails?

Candice Malcolm writes in her Toronto Sun column about a Somali national who was able to gain access into Canada where he then committed a serious of crimes. Malcolm points out that it is not the actual biometric data itself that fails, but the way in which it is (or is not) collected. She writes, “this case shows a major failure in the way that both countries deal with illegal migrants who arrive from terrorist hotspots. It particularly reveals our inability to properly screen and vet migrants who show up at our border, even with our sophisticated new system. When an individual arrives from a failed state like Somalia, we have no way to verify their identity or any criminal history.”

Read the full article, here, to find out more.

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Durmiendo con el enemigo Media Mentions

Authors: Dardo López-Dolz, JOSEPH HUMIRE

Joseph Humire and Fellow Dardo López-Dolz are both mentioned in a Color ABC article titled, “Durmiendo con el enemigo (Sleeping with the enemy)” about terrorist activity in Peru. Humire and a  previous article are cited mentioning that Peru is in the sights of Hezbollah and Iran as a base for activity in Latin America.

These are not the only “enemies” the article mentions. Dardo López-Dolz comments that there are 5 existing FARC camps in Peruvian territory dedicated to planting coca and illegal mining processes.

Read the full article (in Spanish), by J. Eduardo Ponce Vivanco, here.

Joseph Humire y Dardo López-Dolz están citados en un artículo por Color ABC titulado, “Durmiendo con el enemigo” sobre actividades terroristas. Humire dice que Perú es un lugar atractivo de Hezbollah e Irán para sus actividades terroristas en Latinoamérica. (Quiere leer más de este tema? Hay otro artículo, aquí).

No son todos los enemigos que refieren el artículo. También Dardo López-Dolz “afirman que existen 5 campamentos de las FARC dedicados a sembrar coca y a la minería ilegal en territorio peruano.”

Lee el artículo completo, por J. Eduardo Ponce Vivanco, aquí.

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The Restructuring of the Venezuelan Military Media Appearances, Radio


Madurocarabobo11372107284111Joseph Humire joins Frank Gaffney to discuss Venezuela and Iran. In the wake of Venezuela’s recent election, Humire weighs in calling it “a fraudulent election with the outcomes worked out beforehand.” Humire continues by remarking on the Venezuelan military and its ongoing restructuring.



Why is this important? Does this pose a regional threat? To find out, listen to the entire interview at Secure Freedom Radio, here.