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Is fight against ISIS reaching a turning point? Media Appearances, Television Appearances

James Carafano and J.D. Gordon on the next steps against the terror group.


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Cristina: “Para algunos, Argentina y AMIA son un daño colateral en una guerra de la que no fuimos parte” Media Mentions

La presidenta Cristina Kirchner volvió a referirse a través de sus cuentas en redes sociales a los atentados a la AMIA y a la Embajada de Israel, y a la denuncia por encubrimiento que le realizó el fallecido fiscal Alberto Nisman.

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Troubling truths about Castro’s Cuba Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications

Authors: Candice Malcolm

Canadians love Cuba. We travel there in droves. We enjoy their beaches, their cigars and the historic sites and sounds of Havana.

Some Canadians even revel in the lack of Americans at Cuban resorts, and laud our ability to travel to a beautiful part of the world sans our American neighbours.

But things are changing, thanks in part to the Harper government.

Earlier this year, Canadian diplomats facilitated high-level talks between the Obama administration and that of Cuban President Raul Castro. After these talks, Obama announced his intention to “normalize” relations between the U.S. and Cuba.

Canadian leadership in contentious parts of the world is always welcome, but we should also be cautious of the Castro regime in Havana. There are at least three good reasons for skepticism over Cuba…. Continue Reading »