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February 2018 • Issue 6 Global Dispatch

The Dragon and the Condor: Beyond China’s Economic Influence in the Americas

by Ricardo Neeb & Fernando Menéndez

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Mainstream analysis of China’s presence in Latin America almost exclusively concentrates on economics rather than politics, and often disregards military or security issues entirely. Chinese economic penetration of the Western Hemisphere, which includes products, services, loans, and investments, has grown considerably since Hu Jintao first visited Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Cuba in 2004. This progress has also brought growing concern about the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) strategic objectives as well as its non- or extra-economic activities in the region. One significant area is the almost imperceptible but steady increase in Chinese intelligence activities in Latin America.

In this Dispatch, we examine China’s growing regional influence from a geostrategic perspective, examining such activities as the building of the Nicaragua Transoceanic Canal, the implications of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the intelligence capabilities afforded by Beijing’s use of cyberspace and fiber optic cables to augment its other activities in South America. As a country grows economically, it is likely to increasingly project its power through military and political means as well, and that is certainly true of a country now acknowledged as the second largest global economy. It is also clear that China’s strategic objectives and interests are well beyond the economic realm, and that they raise considerable national security concerns for the US as well as for other nations in the hemisphere.

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Venezuela, the Syria of America Media Appearances, Television Appearances



Joseph Humire Joins Factor Global to discuss the danger of Venezuela’s deteriorating situation and its implications for the region. The humanitarian situation in Venezuela demands attention and action, but how? And what role do China, Iran, and Russia play in this?

Watch below to find out (video in Spanish).

Joseph Humire habla con Factor Global sobre la amenaza que representa la situación en Venezuela para la región. La situación humanitaria en la paía necesita atención y acción, pero cómo? También qué papel tienen China, Irán, y Rusia?

Ve debajo para averiguarlo.


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Iran, Russia, and China’s Central Role in the Venezuela Crisis Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications


In the wake of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s first visit to Latin America, where China and Russia were both mentioned, Joseph Humire remarks on these external influences within the country.

3149In an article for Gatestone Institute, he writes that China and Russia are the most visible actors in Venezuela, but Iran should not be ignored. Although the extent of Iran’s influence in Venezuela is debated, Humire says that “their primary role is preparing the Venezuelan battlefield through a range of operations in irregular warfare, using non-state actors and surrogates to gain influence over the population. [Irans’] influence is often not visible on the ground, but is felt through the repression anti-regime of protestors in 2017 and earlier.”

To read more on the Venezuelan crisis and its external actors, follow the link below.


Read the entire article at Gatestone Institute, here.