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Iranian Weapons on America’s Doorstep Articles / Opinion Editorials


While many of the world’s leaders traveled to a Mexican seaside resort in Los Cabos for the annual Group of 20 meeting a couple weeks ago, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad traveled a little farther south, to Rio de Janeiro, for another meeting of world leaders – the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. This was Mr. Ahmadinejad’s sixth visit to Latin America since 2007 and his second this year.

In addition to BrazilMr. Ahmadinejad visited President Evo Morales in Bolivia and took time to stop by Venezuela to confer with his ideological bedfellow, Hugo Chavez, rounding up a three-nation tour of South America before heading back to Tehran on June 22.

On the surface, these visits produce press releases filled with pledges of solidarity, and the occasional signing of commercial agreements, but once the pageantry is over, such commercial agreements rarely materialize and the pledges of solidarity are revealed as little more than political posturing. All these unfulfilled promises and the lack of voluminous trade or business leave one to wonder what really lies beneath the surface in Iran’s foray into Latin America…. Continue Reading »

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Five signs Obama is losing Latin America Articles / Opinion Editorials

Authors: J.D. GORDON

While President Obama made headlines for downplaying the threat posed by Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez to national security, such naive remarks should hardly come as a surprise given his track record.

Though most of Mr. Obama’s newsworthy foreign policy proclamations have pertained to the Middle East, Europe and Asia, his judgment calls on Latin America have been equally bad — albeit less frequent and generally underreported. Siding with the Chavez-led leftist alliance on the Honduras “coup” in 2009 comes to mind.

People are paying attention. After visiting with scores of economic and political scholars from throughout the Western Hemisphere at the 25th anniversary conference of the Bogota-based Instituto Ciencia Politica think tank in late June, it’s evident that Mr. Obama is losing Latin America.

Here are five signs why:

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Top 5 changes at the Pentagon under Obama Articles / Opinion Editorials

Authors: J.D. GORDON

Over the past couple weeks some of President Obama’s most fervent fans have openly deserted him – expressing a commonly heard frustration from his liberal base that his popular 2008 campaign slogan “hope and change” hasn’t amounted to much.

Amber Lee Ettinger, aka the “Obama Girl” — who gained notoriety through her racy YouTube video revealing her crush for then-Senator Obama — now won’t even say whom she’s voting for.

Roberto Unger, one of Obama’s professors at Harvard Law School went a step further, declaring in another YouTube video that his former student “must be defeated in the coming election.”

Though I understand their disappointment, I’d argue that Obama has in fact boldly changed the country. While it’s true that the president hasn’t come close to achieving his top priority of closing Guantanamo, in all fairness to Mr. Obama, he has ushered in a new era at the Pentagon.

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