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Iraníes completan seis días de protestas contra el régimen del país Media Appearances, Television Appearances


Joseph Humire habla con NTN24 sobre los manifestaciones contra el régimen Iraní.

Humire afirmó que “hay dos cosas que están pasando, una es que había mucha expectativa por lo propuesto por el régimen de que los beneficios económicos del acuerdo nuclear iban a llegar al pueblo iraní. A más de dos años no se ha visto mucho beneficio y por eso la gente se manifiesta. La segunda es por la retórica del presidente Donald Trump, ya que, puede ser, que ven una oportunidad política en contra de su régimen, puede que con las manifestaciones llamen la atención internacional, pues pueden tener un respaldo por parte de Estados Unidos”

Ve el entrevista completa, aquí.

Joseph Humire joins NTN24 to discuss the recent protests against the Irani regime.

Humire notes that two things are happening to produce these protests:

  1. Many Iranians expected to see an economic boom in the wake of the nuclear deal, although two years out, benefits have still not reached Iranian villages and towns.
  2. Trump’s rhetoric has given Iranians an opportunity to protest against the regime and put pressure on the country on the international stage.

Watch the complete interview (in Spanish), here.

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ISIS in Canada: The Very Real Threat of Returned Jihadists Media Appearances, Radio

Authors: Candice Malcolm

In this podcast, Candice Malcolm discusses the sensitive and unsettling reality that is returning ISIS jihadist foreign fighters to Canada following the fall of Raqqa, Syria. How would you feel knowing that one of your neighbors left to fight for the islamic caliphate, and returned after they were defeated by international coalition forces? Malcolm grapples with this issue and many others as she addresses the next phase of the transition to normality following the most recent defeat of ISIS in the middle east.


For the full, uncut podcast by Malcolm please click here.

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Treason and Iran in Buenos Aires Media Appearances, Radio


In this podcast for The John Batchelor Show, Malcolm Hoenlein interviews Joseph Humire regarding the ongoing murder investigation of the late Alberto Nisman. Nisman, the former Argentine lawyer who worked as a federal prosecutor charged with investigating the 1994 car bombing of the Jewish center in Buenos Aires, was mysteriously found dead from a single gunshot to the head the day before he was set to testify in court against the former President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner. Kirchner, who is currently still under investigation for allegedly covering up the 1994 car bombing and committing treason, denies any involvement, and claims that the narrative is being told to undermine Argentine political stability.


For the full interview between Hoenlein and Humire, click here.