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Nov 19, 2017 0 Comments

Venezuela Aiding ‘Clandestine Jihadist Network’ Tied to Hezbollah Media Appearances, Media Mentions


Venezuela is often covered in the news- the humanitarian situation there is commonly talked about, but what is not being talked about is “the growing Islamic terrorist threat stemming from Latin America [which is] continuously cultivated by the rogue Nicolás Maduro regime in Venezuela.”

Joseph Humire is cited in a Breitbart article by Edwin Mora, saying “that Venezuela employed propaganda tactics to conceal its relationship with Arabic countries, particularly the exchange of thousands of people between the South American country and Muslim nations.”

What are future concerns of this pipeline between Latin America and the Middle East?

Read the full article, here, to find out.

Nov 13, 2017 0 Comments

El Futuro de Venezuela Media Appearances, Media Mentions


María Angélica Correa, from Peru21, interviewed Joseph Humire about the future of Venezuela and its current position as a logistical base for extra-regional actors. Humire states that external forces are acting within the country and region, including Cuba, Iran, Russia, and China, to control and drive the situation there.

  1. Want to know more about why these powers are acting in Venezuela?
  2. Want to find out how this affects other countries in Latin America?

Read the entire interview, from Peru21, here.


María Angélica Correa, de Perú21, entrevistó Jospeh Humire sobre Venezuela y el uso del país como base para actores extraregionales. Humire dice que “hay fuerzas del exterior que están controlando la situación dentro de Venezuela y también en la región. Fuera de Cuba, principalmente Irán, Rusia y China han construido una Alianza del Siglo XXI. Ellos la llaman una Fuerza Multipolar. Principalmente Cuba, Irán y Rusia están manejando la situación del día a día.”

  1. Quiere saber más de los poderes externales que están manejando la situación en Venezuela?
  2. Quiere averiguar como esta situación va a affectar otras países en América Latina?

Lee la entrevista completa, de Perú21, aquí.

Nov 12, 2017 0 Comments

Venezuela, la Siria de América Media Mentions


Joseph Humire is cited in an article from Perú21 about the similarities between Venezuela and Syria.

A serious drought before the war in Syria put everything in motion. In Venezuela, there is a severe lack of food. What will this mean going forward?

Humire notes that Venezuela is a regional problem. There is an internal conflict, as well as, an external conflict threatening the region that will not end until actors such as Cuba, Iran, and Rusia leave the country.

Read the complete article (in Spanish) at Perú21.

Pole Flag Venezuela

Venezuela es la Siria de América. Antes del guerra en Siria hay una sequía intensa. En Venezuela no hay comida. ¿Qué significa esto para la región?

En un artículo sobre las similitudes entre Venezuela y Siria, Jospeh Humire dice “Venezuela es un problema regional, no solo es un conflicto interno, es un conflicto de actores extrarregionales que amenaza la región. La gente en Venezuela que está sufriendo tiene que entender que no hay salida si no salen Cuba, Irán, Siria, Rusia y China de su país”.

Lee el artículo completo en Perú21, aquí.