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Jan 15, 2016 0 Comments

Stop pretending Islamic terror is our fault Articles / Opinion Editorials

Authors: Candice Malcolm

A Canadian is among the dead in an Islamic terrorist attack on Thursday in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta. Daesh, also known as ISIS or the Islamic State, has taken responsibility, marking their second deadly foreign attack this week. Just two days earlier, a suicide bomber targeted tourists outside Istanbul’s famous Blue Mosque.

The Jakarta attacks were described by those on the ground as a “Paris-style massacre,” with explosions and gunfire simultaneously rocking the Southeast Asian city. What a sad reminder of our time – that Paris, once known as the City of Light and Europe’s cultural capital, has now become synonymous with mass murder and senseless attacks against civilians going about their daily lives.

These attacks show a departure in strategy by the so-called Islamic State. Daesh was once only concerned with a ground war in Iraq and Syria, and building their ‘caliphate,’ or Islamic kingdom governed by fundamentalist Sunni teachings. But they are now launching more and more attacks outside the Middle East.

The assaults against Istanbul and Jakarta also contradict a common narrative – that Daesh’s terrorist attacks are mere retaliation for Western sins.

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Jan 12, 2016 0 Comments

Probe: Spain’s ‘Podemos’ Party may have been given €5 million Euros by Iran regime Media Mentions

Spanish authorities are actively investigating rumors that Iran’s regime heavily financed the activities of the country’s Podemos political party, according to Spanish media sources.

The Union of Economic and Fiscal Delinquency, La Unidad de Delincuencia Económica y Fiscal (UDEF), an investigative arm of the country’s National Police has launched a detailed probe in determining whether the party accepted €5m Euros from Iran in exchange for influence in the country’s political and economic arenas, El Confidencial, a Spanish newspaper said.

Podemos’ secretary general  Pablo Iglesias continues to defend his party’s transparency.

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