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Mar 22, 2015 0 Comments

The Iran and Argentina Nexus Media Mentions

Image taken from page 47 of 'The Boston School Atlas. With elemental geography and astronomy, etc. (Fourth edition.) [Maps, with explanatory text.]'
In a Veja op-ed entitled “The Teheran-Caracas-Buenos Aires Connection,” Leonardo Coutinho explains the complex dealings between Iran, Venezuela, and Argentina as told by three defectors of the Chavez regime. Joseph Humire used this article as a source for a testimony before a House joint subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere and the Middle East, which was then quoted in Mary O’Grady’s article titled, “Iran and Argentina: The Defectors’ Tale.”

Humire is quoted as saying, “if [the defectors’ information] is true, then I believe we have all underestimated Latin America’s importance to the Islamic Republic. And by extension can no longer afford to divorce the continuing nuclear negotiations with the P5+1 and Iran’s activities in the region.”

Read the complete articles, mentioned above, here:

“The Teheran-Caracas-Buenos Aires Connection” by Leonardo Coutinho in Veja

“Iran and Argentina: The Defectors’ Tale” by Mary O’Grady in the Wall Street Journal

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Mar 20, 2015 0 Comments

The real ISIS crisis Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications

Authors: Candice Malcolm

Are we missing the real threat in the war against ISIS?

It’s tough to tell. As with any foreign conflict being fought in a faraway land, we don’t have a clear picture of what exactly is going on in Iraq and Syria. But before Parliament votes on whether Canada should extend and possibly expand its military mission in Iraq, it’s important we try to assess the threat ISIS poses to Canada and the rest of the world.

The momentum ISIS had gathered through its fierce and relentless propaganda campaign seems to have plateaued. U.S.-led coalition air raids have stopped any territorial progress made by ISIS fighters.

ISIS has lost 25% of its peak territory, thanks in part to Canada’s efforts…. Continue Reading »

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Mar 20, 2015 0 Comments

As ISIS terror threat grows, Obama’s top regret is not closing Guantanamo Articles / Opinion Editorials, Publications

Authors: J.D. GORDON

“I think I would have closed Guantanamo on the first day.”

Who uttered those words this week? It wasn’t a liberal blogger or a radio talk show host.

Nope. Those are the words of our commander-in-chief responding to seventh grader Laura Winfrey’s question after a speech in Cleveland. Winfrey asked, “if you could go back to the first day of your first term and the first day of your second term, what advice would you give yourself?”

“I would have closed Guantanamo on the first day,” he said…. Continue Reading »