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Venezuela: Hezbollah Headquarters in Latin America? Media Appearances, Media Mentions

In response to our Capitol Hill event entitled, “The Crime-Terror Convergence: Countering Hezbollah’s Growing Empire in Latin America,” El Cooperante writes an article detailing Hezbollah’s presence in Latin America.

Joseph Humire is quoted stating Venezuela is certainly the country in the region where terrorist groups can operate with ease. This is due to the permissive atmosphere in the country.

Read the full article (in Spanish), here.

Como respuesta a nuestro evento en Capitol Hill llamado, “The Crime-Terror Convergence: Countering Hezbollah’s Growing Empire in Latin America,” El Cooperante escribe un artículo sobre la presencia de Hezbollah en Venezuela.

Durante el evento, Joseph Humire, director ejecutivo de SFS, “se afirmó que Venezuela es el país donde supuestamente más operan estos grupos terroristas con apoyo del Ejecutivo Nacional. Humire detalló que en la investigación se evidenció cómo países de América Latina son utilizados por los grupos terroristas para realizar los crímenes relacionados con el contrabando. Estos grupos extremistas utilizan los países de esta región como centro de operaciones para conseguir financiamiento y lograr los entrenamientos, denunció.”

Lee el artículo completo, aquí.


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Venezuelan Vice President ‘One of Hezbollah’s Great Bagmen’ Media Appearances, Media Mentions

Edwin Mora’s latest from his column in Breitbart, titled “Venezuelan Vice President ‘One of Hezbollah’s Great Bagmen’,” details Hezbollah’s presence in the Western Hemisphere.

Mora’s article alludes to our recent Capitol Hill policy event, “The Crime-Terror Convergence: Countering Hezbollah’s Growing Empire in Latin America,” where several experts spoke on the expanding connections Hezbollah has been able to make due to the “permissive environment” in Venezuela.

Humire adds that Venezuela has “become a [Hezbollah] safe haven. It’s become a sanctuary. It’s become a support network. Hezbollah has relied on Venezuela for very much to increase their presence throughout the Western Hemisphere.”

To find more about Hezbollah in Latin American, click the link to read the full article, here.

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Mexico’s Elections Matter to the U.S. and China Media Appearances, Media Mentions


Fernando Menéndez remarks on Tillerson’s recent trip to Latin America, the upcoming election in Mexico, and the future of US-Mexican relations in his latest article for China-US Focus.

Tillerson’s trip highlighted a few important things. The “first is the upcoming election in Mexico which, contrary to the prevailing winds, may place a hostile, anti-U.S. demagogue at the head of the U.S.’s largest trade partner south of the border.”

This demagogue is “front-runner, former Mexico City mayor Andrés Manuel López Obrador (known as AMLO), an admirer of the Cuban and Venezuelan revolutions with a long history of demonstrated support for other leftist and populist causes. 

 Tillerson’s trip also stressed the “long-term issue [of] the growing presence and influence of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in the hemisphere via economic opportunities. President López Obrador may take a page from the populist playbook by opening a wider door to China as a counterweight to the U.S. in Mexico and raising tensions further.”

This election comes at a time when the relationship between the United States and Mexico is deteriorating, giving Mexico and China the opportunity to recalculate theirs.


Read the full article at China-US Focus, here.