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Apr 21, 2015 0 Comments

JD Gordon on Newsmax Media Appearances, Television Appearances

JD Gordon weighs in on the discussion of lowering combat standards and the use of video games as a learning tool for the military.


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Apr 13, 2015 0 Comments

These ‘little alerts’ show Iran’s growing presence in Latin America Media Mentions

Last October, a 28-year-old Lebanese man named Muhamed Amadar was arrested in Lima, Peru. He was alone and hadn’t left his apartment for weeks. A search of his apartment found TNT and other chemicals used for making explosives.

The Peruvian National Police analyzed the chemicals and determined that they were similar to those by the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah.

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Apr 13, 2015 0 Comments

New Era in U.S. – Cuba Relations Media Appearances, Television Appearances

SFS senior fellow, Fernando Menéndez provides commentary on the new era in U.S. Cuba relations on Canada’s CTV News.